155. Thomie Mixtape #14 “Asymptotes”



1. The bed-Lou Reed
2. How to disappear completely-Radiohead
3. Cherry blossoms-Tindersticks
4. Everybody’s got to learn sometime-Beck
5. I hope that I don’t fall in love with you-Tom Waits
6. Mad world-Gary Jules
7. Death is not the end-Nick Cave
8. Famous blue raincoat-Leonard Cohen
9. Lovers are strange-Chinawoman
10. Creep-Amanda Palmer
11. This mess we’re in-Pj Harvey & Thom Yorke
12. Tear-Electric Litany
13. My eyes adored you-Jersey Boys
14. In a manner of speaking-Tuxedomoon
15. Ain’t no way-Aretha Franklin
16. You don’t know what love is-Nina Simone
17. These days-The Black Keys
18. I’ll find true love-Lee Bonds
19. Crying-Roy Orbison
20. Love is a losing game-Amy Winehouse
21. All I can do was cry-Etta James
22. Dont’t worry about me-Billie Holiday
23. Pale blue eyes-The Velvet Underground
24. I’ll keep it with me-Nico
25. Can’t keep it in-Cat Stevens
26. Linger-The Cranberries